About Us

The Music Department is one of the busiest in the country, with an incredible range of music activities involving 220 students across the college, playing in a variety of bands, orchestras and choirs in a wide range of concerts. 

Courses offered are A Level Music, the Hampshire Specialist Music Course (HSMC), A Level Music Technology and BTEC Popular Music Performance. Students taking A Level Music and the BTEC in Pop Music receive free tuition on their main instrument or voice. There are auditions for HSMC and the BTEC in Pop Music: contact music@psc.ac.uk for more information. 

Peter Symonds College has three Steinway grand pianos, including the recent addition of a new Steinway B grand and four uprights to join the Steinway Initiative with a view to become an All-Steinway School in the future. 

Students on the Hampshire Specialist Music Course receive free tuition on both first and second study instrument or voice, and participate in a chamber music training programme involving a high level of performance skills. Auditions for entry take place in February. For further details email music@psc.ac.uk .