About Us

The Music Department is one of the busiest in the country, with an incredible range of music activities involving 200 students across the college. A Level Music students receive free tuition on their main instrument or voice, and all perform in a variety of bands, orchestras and choirs in a wide range of concerts. Their A Level results have been outstanding, achieving high grades (A or B) above the national average. A Level Music Technology and the auditioned Popular Music Performance BTEC course are also offered. 

The Music Department is situated in beautiful grounds on the College site in a three-storey Victorian house. Facilities include practice rooms, a computer room for composition with Sibelius and two recording studios, as well as the Recital Room and more practice rooms in College Centre. 

Peter Symonds College has three Steinway grand pianos, including the recent addition of a new Steinway B grand and four uprights to join the Steinway Initiative with a view to become an All-Steinway School in the future. 

Students on the Hampshire Specialist Music Course receive free tuition on both first and second study instrument or voice, and participate in a chamber music training programme involving a high level of performance skills. Auditions for entry will take place week commencing 5 Feb 2024.