Peter Symonds College is committed to Equal Opportunities and recognises that all individuals are different and have different needs. It recognises that all individuals are of equal value irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability, religion or belief, pregnancy & maternity, or any other perceived difference, and are entitled to be treated fairly and without prejudice in every aspect of College life.

The College works to ensure it is inclusive and fosters good relationships between all members of the College community. Therefore, we will not tolerate any form of bullying or any form of discriminatory harassment on College premises or during any College activities.

This means that we do not tolerate:

  • Physical assault – i.e. kicking, biting, hitting, etc.
  • Verbal assault – insults, swearing, disrespectful language
  • Threats
  • Pornographic or other offensive material displayed publicly, including social media
  • Racist, sexist or homophobic comments, jokes, looks or gestures
  • Racist, sexist or homophobic graffiti
  • Comments relating to physical impairment
  • Intimidation and bullying
  • Racist clothing i.e. swastikas on jackets or caps
  • Inappropriate text messages and emails and inappropriate use of any other social media
  • Religious hostility, for example, Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hostility
  • Extremism in any form

Who to go to if you experience any incident of discrimination, racism, bullying or harassment:

  • Tutor
  • Any teacher you feel comfortable with
  • Student Services

All will treat the matter in strict confidence.

The Equal Opportunities Coordinator for students is Sue Barrett. The Student Union also has an Equality & Diversity Officer. They welcome feedback and suggestions from students about what we can do to further promote awareness of equality and diversity.

Equality & Diversity Calendar 2017-18


College Values
Be Bothered – Care
(Induction Tutorial and Lecture)

Culture & Values
(Lecture Programme)


Black History Month
(Display in the LRC)

Dyslexia Awareness Week
(Study Support dept.)

Sex and Gender
(Lecture Programme)


Anti-bullying Week
(Tutorial Programme)

Emotional health
(Lecture Programme)


World Aids Day
(Student Services dept)

Living in an Unequal World
(Lecture Programme)

Healthy Mind and Body
(Lecture Programme)



LGBT History Month
(Display in the LRC)

Progression Fair
(Careers dept)


Careers Week
(Visiting Speakers)

Health & Well-being Event
(Student Services dept)


World Autism
Awareness Day
(Study Support dept.)


Mental Health
Awareness Week
(Student Services dept.)


Careers & Higher Education
(a range of talks & events over two weeks)


Celebrating Differences
(Study Support dept)

Fun Fest
(Including an activity to promote Equality and Diversity)

In addition, tutors deliver Equality and Diversity Activities throughout the year. These include activities related to human rights, including: raising awareness of human trafficking; raising awareness of the need to challenge homophobic language; promoting positive images of disability; religious tolerance; gender equality in the workplace

Fundamental British Beliefs

The College expects all students to show consideration and respect for others, in keeping with fundament British values:

"Fundamental British values are about democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs."

  • Democracy: Willing to listen to others with different views; know how to influence decision-making; be concerned about the welfare of others.
  • Rule of law: Understand that laws protect everyone; no one is above the law. All are aware of rights and responsibilities.
  • Mutual respect and tolerance: Understand and tackle prejudice, so that all are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Individual liberty: Freedom; for example, the right to act, believe and express oneself in a manner of one’s own choosing.

These are also values shared by many throughout the world.

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