When you enrol at Peter Symonds College, your programme will consist of four important elements:

  • Academic subjects – lessons and workshops
  • Enrichment activities
  • The Symonds Lecture programme
  • Individual private study
  • Tutorial

At Enrolment you will have an individual interview with a member of staff who will help you to confirm your programme of study based on your GCSE qualifications. Our entry requirements are set out on page 21 in the 2017 Prospectus and a guideline to how many subjects you should consider studying can also be found on page 21.

Your subject teachers will provide introductory lessons on Taster Day to familiarise you with the skills required to succeed in each of your chosen subjects.

At enrolment you will agree your final course choices. Our standard programme for students joining us in September is four A level subjects, or the equivalent, in the lower sixth. At enrolment students will be asked to nominate one subject to complete to AS level, with an examination in Summer 2018, continuing with three subjects, or the equivalent, in the upper sixth. More information and advice will be available during Taster Day in July and at enrolment at the end of August.

For most subjects a task will be set by your teachers for you to complete before the start of term.

In September you will be able to access subject intranet sites which will provide you with a wide range of information about the topics being studied, learning resources and assessment methods. All of your A level subjects will be linear. Some students will be following a BTEC course or GCSE subjects.

The A levels will be assessed by final examinations (and course work where appropriate) at the end of the two year course.

As appropriate, students will be directed to subject workshops to complement teaching; for example, to gain one to one support or to revise topics previously covered.

Students will be expected to buy all textbooks and other equipment necessary for their academic courses. There are Student Support Funds to help students who cannot afford their books and Student Services runs a second hand bookshop.

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