The following travel information is for new students to the college only. Current students will be advised on how they can apply and buy travel passes by Student Services.

Bus Information

I want to come to college by Stagecoach bus. How do I get a bus pass?
Stagecoach offers Peter Symonds students discounted bus travel. Apply and pay online from the beginning of July following the instructions below. Annual or termly passes are available and can be used at any time across the Stagecoach network in Hampshire.

Stagecoach UniRider tickets for 2017/18 will cost:

  • Go to
  • Enter your location as Winchester
  • Select Peter Symonds College Pass (Annual or Autumn Term)
  • Follow on-screen instructions to create a Stagecoach account
  • Follow on-screen instructions, skipping the page requesting Student ID Card Number.
    (That will not be available until the first lesson of term and Stagecoach will give students a short period of grace before requiring them to carry their ID card with their buspass)
  • Once you have completed the purchase the ticket will be sent to you in the post within a few days

I’m travelling by bus within the Winchester area– is there a discounted pass for me?
Yes. Students travelling within the Winchester area can buy a discounted Peter Symonds College Winchester Megarider pass. Please note that this Winchester Megarider can only be bought at the Winchester Bus Station travel shop - NOT ONLINE.

  • Available termly or annually
  • An annual Winchester Megarider (14 months July 17 - August 18) will cost £360.
  • A termly Megarider for the Autumn and Spring term will cost £150 and for the Summer Term £135.

I want to travel to college by Bluestar bus. How do I get a pass from them?
Bluestar offer termly and annual Peter Symonds passes using their “The Key” smartcard. Termly passes are purchased by registering online for The Key. Please go to and follow the schools and colleges link.

Annual passes are available on The Key but are purchased directly from the Bluestar Shop in Southampton. Bluestar tickets for 2017 / 18 will cost:


Will I need proof that I have a place at college when I buy my pass?
Yes, Bluestar require you to show your offer letter as proof that you will be a Peter Symonds College student.

Do you run your own college buses?
No, all buses serving college are public buses. However, Stagecoach operate a number of public buses that arrive at and depart from the college site in time for lessons.

Train Information

Discounted rail travel for students
Winchester Rail Station is a ten minute walk from college. Many of our students travel to and from college by train. Discounted rail passes (Scholar Season Tickets) are available termly only from college. Prices represent a 20% discount on the price of a normal season ticket. Tickets are used for travel to college from a chosen destination. They can also be used for evening and weekend travel during term times.

How to buy a Scholar Season Ticket

When your son or daughter has attended Taster Day, they will log in on their Apply account to confirm that they wish to accept their place at college. They will then be prompted with a series of questions, one of which will be regarding rail travel. Clicking on this link will take them through to the site where you can order and pay for a Scholar Season Ticket. Prices vary according to the length of term and station travelled from.

To view Scholar Season Ticket prices for information purposes only, please click here.

Rail Photo ID

Students carry a photo ID card with their season ticket. These are made up in college and issued with the season ticket. It is essential that students hand in or send a passport size photo of themselves in advance, to Student Services in college. Their name and train station should be written on the back of the photo. The photo must be handed in during Enrolment Week at the latest, not brought on the first day of term.


Because we order over 1000 tickets each term there are strict deadlines for purchasing the Scholar Season Ticket. The deadline for purchasing a Scholar Season Ticket for the Autumn term is midnight on Thursday 31st August. Tickets ordered after this date will be subject to delay. Costs incurred whilst waiting for a season ticket to arrive will not be reimbursed.

Collecting your Scholar Season Ticket
Orders placed by the deadline will be available to collect from Student Services in college on the first day of term, Monday 11th September. The price of the season ticket takes into account that the student pays for their first journey into college. Costs for this journey are therefore not reimbursed.

The process outlined above is strictly adhered to. In placing an order for a Scholar Season Ticket you are agreeing to the terms set out above. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Information

Secure cycle storage is available at college, including some individual cycle storage pods. The shelters can be hired at a cost of £12 which includes a deposit of £10, refundable when the key is returned. Pods are £40 which includes a deposit of £35, refundable when the key is returned. There are general shelters available at no cost but cycles are left here at the student’s own risk and must be secured by the student. Please come to Student Services when you start college to request a key.

There is some allocated parking space at college for motorcycles and mopeds. A registration form is available at Student Services. Before you can park on site we will need to see your driver’s licence, insurance document, and where relevant, an MOT certificate.

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