You have chosen to continue your education beyond the compulsory age, so we hope that you will be as enthusiastic about learning as your teachers are about helping you to learn.

In order to help you get good results in exams your teachers need your co-operation in the classroom.

Teachers expect the following from you:

  1. To aim for 100% attendance.
  2. To arrive on time for lessons, be ready and prepared to learn - this means books, pen, paper assembled on the table at the beginning of a lesson.
  3. To hand in work on time and to a reasonable standard – discuss any problems in these areas with your teacher BEFORE they become serious, so that homework and coursework deadlines can be met.
  4. To be attentive (i.e. not talking when the teacher is talking) in class and not distract other learners and contribute appropriately.
  5. To wear clothes appropriate to a working environment.

The following rules apply in the classroom:

  1. No eating and drinking during lessons; however, bottled water may be used at the teacher’s discretion.
  2. Appropriate language must be used to fellow students, teachers and support staff.
  3. Mobile phones and iPods must be switched off and remain out of use and sight throughout lessons, unless the teacher has given permission for them to be used for educational purposes.
  4. No feet on desks or chairs.
  5. Students must comply with a reasonable request from a teacher.

Failure to adhere to these rules may be categorised as disruptive behaviour

Disruptive behaviour is defined as behaviour which, in the teacher’s opinion, hinders their effective delivery of the lesson or prevents fellow students from learning. It may be an accumulation of events from an individual or a significant single event. Teachers will initially try to resolve the matter with you. They may then decide to alert your Tutor, Lead Tutor or Head of Faculty of the issues or, depending on the severity of the problem, they may exclude you from their class. Usually a ‘Z’ code will be entered into the register and a ‘Cause for Concern’ raised.

Student Dress Code
The student contract states that clothes appropriate to the working environment must be worn and offensive logos on T-shirts are not acceptable; smart casual wear is the accepted norm. Clothes which are too revealing, such as loose jeans with no belt, or low neck lines, may also be found to be offensive by others, including staff and fellow students.

If students choose subjects where it is necessary to wear protective clothing e.g. a lab coat and goggles, they will only be able to participate fully if they wear these. In practical subjects, students must not wear clothing which could present a health and safety risk e.g. loose and flowing. Students should not wear clothing which restricts the ability of others to identify them whilst on site or in examinations e.g. hoods or crash helmets. Therefore unless there is medical evidence (i.e. a Doctor’s letter) or religious grounds, hats and hoods will not be permitted in classes and examinations. The face must not be covered.

This code is not intended to restrict unnecessarily students who may wish to wear particular clothing associated with their religious beliefs, but nonetheless the issues of health and safety, and of the need for students to be readily identifiable, are considered essential.

Smoking Policy
The only place on site where students can smoke and/or vape is in the designated smoking area. It is illegal to smoke in any of the College’s buildings. The same rules apply to e-cigarettes. The College does not wish to encourage any student to smoke and so provides support to students who wish to give up smoking. More information is available from Student Services.

Students are expected to put litter in the waste bins and the recycling bins provided. Not only is litter unpleasant for everyone, but cans and plastic on the fields get cut up by mowers and are very dangerous. Please also avoid dropping litter in the streets as you walk to and from College.

Alcohol and illegal substances
Students are forbidden to bring alcohol and illegal substances onto the College campus. Disciplinary action will be taken where a student is on site in possession and/or under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance.

Conduct outside the College site
Students must show respect, consideration and politeness towards neighbours. Students should not congregate outside neighbours’ houses to smoke. The College will treat as a serious matter any student identified as being rude and uncooperative towards any of our neighbours. Students must also show respect and consideration for others when on College trips and on work experience.

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