By enrolling at Peter Symonds, all students are expected to agree to abide by our Code of Conduct, which is set out in the form of a Student Contract. This will be given out to you during your first week and you will be asked to sign it. A copy of the contract is included here to give you the opportunity to decide whether or not you are prepared to agree to its contents before you enrol at the College.

STUDENT CONTRACT (Sixth Form College) 2017 - 2019

The staff at Peter Symonds College respect and value all members of the College community and expect the following standards of behaviour from all their students. This contract applies throughout a student’s time at college.

Student Responsibilities:

  • To aim for a 100% attendance record and arrive punctually at all timetabled lessons

Attendance is recorded by an electronic register for every lesson and can be viewed by the student via their individual record on the intranet and by parents via the parents’ portal. The expectation is for all students to attend 100% of their timetabled commitments, including the Symonds lecture programme, activities, workshops and work experience. In the event of an unavoidable absence, the procedures set out in the Student Diary/Handbook must be followed. Attendance is monitored on a regular basis by the Personal Tutor and on a half-termly basis by the Lead Tutors and Heads of Faculty. Parents are contacted where there are concerns about a student’s absence. Unless there is a convincing reason for the absences, backed up by clear evidence, students will risk having their College place withdrawn. The College does not condone any absence as all absences will impact on progress and final grades.

Students are expected to arrive punctually for all timetabled lessons; otherwise, they can expect to be marked late in the register.

  • Not to take holidays of any kind during term time

It is vital that all students attend fully throughout their course as there is a clear link between attendance and achievement. Therefore, permission will not be given for students to take holidays during term time. Students will have unauthorised absence marks if they choose to ignore this and take time out of College for this reason.

  • To attend all Tutorial sessions and one to one interviews

Tutorial sessions are a compulsory part of the timetable and are vital for keeping the lines of communication open. Important Careers and Higher Education guidance is included in the Tutorial programme. One to one interviews are a vital part of our progress review system and will be scheduled by the Personal Tutor. Students are expected to prepare for each interview and attend each scheduled session.

  • To enrol on and attend the required number of enrichment activities

Students are expected to enrol for one activity each term. Attendance at these sessions is included in the student’s attendance record and is monitored in the same way as attendance at academic lessons.

  • To attend any designated Study Support sessions and use the department’s quiet zone appropriately

Sessions will be offered to students based on identified needs. Students can self-refer or be referred by their teachers. Students must check their college email for appointments. Failure to keep appointments will be reported to your Personal Tutor and may impact on future support sessions.

Students must respect the quiet nature of study within the department if referred by a teacher. Failure to do so will mean this arrangement could be withdrawn.

  • Not to undertake any paid employment during term time which will impact on College study

Research has shown that students’ prospects of achieving good exam results are significantly damaged if they exceed 10 hours of part time employment. Students need to be available to attend College from 8.30am to 4.35pm Monday to Friday during term time, so should not take up part time employment and must be available during these hours.

  • To meet all work deadlines

Students who default on assignment or coursework deadlines risk either not being entered for the examination in a subject or having their College place withdrawn. Students are expected to complete between 4 and 5 hours of independent private study per subject each week, in addition to attending all lessons. There is a Coursework Charter giving further information.

  • To respect the learning environment and conduct themselves appropriately at all times

Litter must always be placed in the bins provided around the College. Eating and drinking during lessons is not acceptable. Bottled water may be used at the teacher’s discretion. Mobile phones must be switched off and remain out of use and sight throughout lessons, unless the teacher has given permission for them to be used for educational purposes.

Disrespectful or disruptive behaviour and bad language will not be tolerated in College or while on College organised trips, visits and work experience. To save the embarrassment of others, excessive public displays of affection should be avoided at all times.

Clothes appropriate to a working environment must be worn to College. Crop-tops, low rise jeans and the like must ensure modesty. Offensive logos on T-shirts are not acceptable. Headgear is not permitted inside unless on the grounds of religion or medical circumstances. In all cases, the face must not be covered.

  • To make good use of all the services and facilities we provide including our Learning Resource Centre, Hopkins Study Area, Careers Library, Study Skills workshops, private study and IT facilities

The College has excellent facilities, many of which are located in the Ashurst Learning Resource Centre (LRC), Hopkins Study Area and Careers Library. In order to make sure that they are pleasant and productive places to study for all, students need to ensure their mobile phones are silent and they respect the silent study zones. Students may drink water from their own supply, but no other food or drink is allowed. Students repeatedly not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave the Ashurst LRC/Hopkins Study Area/Careers Library and their Personal Tutor asked to follow this up. Serious misdemeanours will be referred to a senior member of staff.

All students must agree to and conform with our IT conditions of use before using any of the IT facilities at the College. The conditions of use are clearly displayed in the Learning Resource Centre, Hopkins Study Area and on the student intranet.

  • To respect all members of the College community, its buildings and surrounding environment

The College has a detailed policy to cover equal opportunities and discrimination, along with bullying and harassment. We expect students to respect others and understand differences in beliefs and life choices. The College does not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind, including physical, verbal or via electronic media such as social networking sites or mobile phones, against any member of the College, staff or student. Any student who feels that they are the victim of unacceptable behaviour should speak to their Personal Tutor or any member of staff they feel comfortable talking with. The matter will always be taken seriously and dealt with promptly.

Members of staff will treat students with respect but will expect prompt co-operation when making a reasonable request. This applies to all members of staff: teachers, administrators, technicians, secretarial and estates staff. All staff wear ID badges. Students must carry their ID cards at all times and must show them and give their name on request.

All ball games and the like must only be played on the grass by the Mercers Sports Hall. Items likely to cause an injury to others will be confiscated. Students should not use skateboards, skates, roller blades, hover boards, Segways or bicycles on site. Bicycles are brought on to the campus at the student’s own risk, but secure storage is available.

Students should always show respect and consideration for residents in the surrounding neighbourhood. This includes not congregating outside houses to smoke and dropping litter in the road.

Students must always act to ensure the health, safety and welfare of others. If they should have any concerns relating to the health, safety or welfare of other students, they can speak with Student Services staff or their Personal Tutor.

  • To abide by rules and regulations as set out in this Student Contract and in the Student Diary/Handbook, including those relating to health and safety, smoking, drugs and alcohol

We have very clear policies on all these issues. Students must read their diary and other associated information given to them by their Personal Tutor. They must ensure that they are aware of all our routines and regulations. Ignorance will be no defence.

Students must take note of emergency evacuation procedures and vacate buildings if the fire alarm is activated at any time.

Students are not permitted to smoke or vape in the immediate vicinity of the College and can only do so in the designated area on campus.

Where staff have reasonable grounds for suspicion, students can expect their possessions and locker to be searched. Consent to being searched is a condition of enrolment.

If a student has a criminal conviction, or acquires one while at the College, they must inform their Head of Faculty or the Deputy Principal (Students) who will then make any enquires and/or initiate any risk assessments deemed necessary.

  • To return all books, resources and equipment belonging to the College at the end of each course

It is particularly important that students return all their library books, other borrowed resources and items purchased via the Student Support Fund at the end of their course. Invoices will be sent home if resources are not returned.

  • Sanctions

Fortunately the College has need for very few sanctions, but students who do not live up to the expectations set out above can expect one or more of the following sanctions:

- A formal warning placed on their College file

- Short term exclusion from lessons

- To pay for examination entries

- Suspension from College for a period determined by the severity of the offence

- Permanent exclusion from College

Parents/guardians will always be informed if formal sanctions are taken.

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