Monitoring Performance and Progress

Your progress and performance will be monitored carefully throughout your time at College. At the beginning you will be set a minimum expected grade (MEG) to aim for based on your GCSE grades. This will be the very minimum we expect you to achieve if you work consistently throughout your courses, maintain a high percentage attendance and complete all your assignments.

All our research shows that the large majority of students achieve or exceed their expected minimum grade. Our research also shows that students who maintain over 95% attendance achieve on average one grade higher in each subject than their peers with the same GCSE profile. This is why we take attendance very seriously and do not authorise absences due to holidays in term time.

Therefore, we monitor attendance in every lesson via our electronic registers and have clear procedures for the notification of unforeseen absences to your Faculty Administrator, which will be explained to you in September.

If you have to report an absence which is due to a contagious disease, such as Meningitis, Mumps, Measles or Whooping Cough, please ensure that your Faculty Administrator is told what illness you have. This information will be passed to the College Nurse and is kept confidential, but it does allow the College to monitor numbers of notifiable diseases and to issue any relevant general information that is appropriate.

Furthermore, if you have a long term illness, like glandular fever or depression, please also ensure that your Faculty Administrator is aware of this so that appropriate support can be put in place for you. The College has a “Fitness to Study” policy, which will apply should you have long-term absence due to ill health.