The College provides two main light and spacious environments for your private study, one in the Ashurst Building, the other in the Hopkins Building. Please see below the resources available to help you with your college work.

Ashurst Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

  • Location: Ashurst building.
  • Opening times: Term time: 8.15am - 7.30pm Monday – Thursday, 8.15am - 4.30pm Friday

College holidays: 10.00am – 3.00pm (except Christmas and Summer) - consult the Ashurst LRC intranet page for up to date information
Students working in Ashurst

The LRC contains around 17,000 books, over 70 journals and newspapers, DVDs and CDs relevant to the courses studied. Students may borrow a maximum of 8 items for up to three weeks. Extensive on-line resources (e-books, e-journals, multi-media, e-newspapers and databases) are available for students to use both within College and from home.

Digital voice recorders, cameras and camcorders are available for loan (these can only be borrowed during the day unless parents sign a consent form).

IT Facilities
There are two floors containing over 200 computers and 90 netbooks for students to drop in and use. The Ashurst LRC is also fully wireless enabled and students can bring in their own mobile devices.

Other Services
The Ashurst LRC also provides ID cards for every student in the College and can provide a replacement for a small fee if an ID card is lost.

Hannah Parratt, Learning Resource Centre Manager
Staff are available to help students find information for their assignments as well as providing assistance with IT software and the use of equipment within the Ashurst LRC.

Code of Conduct
Students should work quietly so that they do not disturb others. Bottled water can be drunk, but all other food and drink is prohibited.

Hopkins Study Area

  • Location: Hopkins Building (Ground Floor)
  • Opening times: Term time: 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday
  • Staffing: Staff are available to provide assistance with IT software and use of printer / photocopier

IT Facilities
There are over 50 computers available on a drop-in basis as well as laptops that can be borrowed to use within the facility. Headphones and iPod/USB cables are also available for loan.

Code of Conduct
Students should work quietly so that they do not disturb others. Bottled water can be drunk, but all other food and drink is prohibited.

Study spaces elsewhere in the College

Both LRCs provide information about classrooms and computer rooms elsewhere in the college that students can use during their study periods (near the water cooler in Hopkins and near the Issue Desk in Ashurst). This information is also available from the LRC intranet page. Staff are happy to help students find study spaces either in the LRCs or elsewhere in college.


  • Students are advised that all photocopying, reprographics and scanning is subject to national copyright law.
  • What you can and cannot copy is printed on notices near to every photocopier on the campus.
  • The onus on observance of the copyright law is on the individual doing or ordering the copying. If in doubt, ask a member of staff.

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