Network cableThe college has about 1,000 Dell PCs available for student use. Some of these are in classrooms and others are available in open-access areas. The Learning Resource Centre in the Ashurst building has 100 open-access PCs on the top floor as well three bookable rooms of PCs on the first floor. There are IT staff there to help you if you have problems.

All the computers in the college are connected to the network. Every student is allocated their own ID and password to log in to the network and is given at least 0.5GB of storage space (the exact amount depends on subject choices) which can be increased if needed for college work.

All students also get a Microsoft Office 365 account. This gives each student the following free items:

  • Office 2013 ProPlus for Windows
  • Office 2011 ProPlus for Mac
  • Office Mobile for iPhone or Android
  • OneDrive account with 25GB of online storage

The Office can be installed on up to five personal devices owned by the student.

The core of the network runs at 10Gb/s and all the building connections are being upgraded to that standard with 1Gb connection to the desktop. There is a modern managed wifi network so that all students can connect using their own mobiles, tablets and laptops in any building on campus.

Each member of staff and student also has a college email account which they should use for communicating with staff and fellow students. This is available from any PC on site or from home or on your mobile phone.

The network is linked to the Internet via Janet (Joint Academic Network) so that all students can access web sites to help them with their studies. Our Janet connection has recently been upgraded to 1Gb. A lot of subject teaching materials are now available over an intranet which current students can access from home.

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