Area around the Bodleian Library, OxfordAt Peter Symonds, we are committed to helping our students achieve their potential and apply to the best universities possible. To this end, we have an Oxbridge co-ordinator assisted by the tutorial and administrative systems and the careers team to support our applicants and guide them through the complex application process for Oxford and Cambridge.

The help we provide includes a programme of information meetings for students and parents, intensive interview preparation, individual guidance meetings and the organisation of study days, trips to departmental open days and attendance at summer schools. We monitor the success of our applicants and follow up as needed with admissions tutors.

In order to keep everyone concerned abreast of events and aware of what needs to be done at each stage, the Oxbridge intranet site is regularly updated with the relevant information displayed on the bulletin board. Parents and students are advised to visit the intranet site regularly to keep informed about new developments, deadlines and meeting times.

Some of the major events in the year are listed below:

  • Spring term:
    Information meetings and visits to departmental open days.
  • Summer term:
    Visits from speakers, meetings for parents, open days at the universities, individual guidance sessions with students and summer schools.
  • Summer holidays:
    Post-examination interviews to finalise application paperwork.
  • Autumn term:
    Interview preparation sessions, selection examination preparation workshops, late open days, mock interviews arranged by the careers team, and mock interviews with governors before selection examinations and real interviews.

Presentations and Support Materials

These are available to current students and their parents via the college intranet and the Parent Portal.

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