Examination Results2019

Chris and Patrick LoteryA level and vocational qualification results for 2019 at Peter Symonds College are once again absolutely outstanding. The pass rate for A level stands at 98% with over a third of the grades awarded being at A* or A (34%). The proportion of the very highest grades (A*, A, B) is an impressive 63%.

Principal Sara Russell said: “It is a very proud day for the College, the staff and the parents. But above all, it is a remarkably proud day for our students. Their tireless hard work, focus and dedication really has paid off. I am thrilled. This shows that Symonds remains the perfect place for ambition.”

Twins Chris and Patrick Lotery both achieved an incredible five A* stars, with both attaining top grades in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and the Extended Project Qualification, and Chris achieving an A* in Chemistry while Patrick gained an A* in Spanish. Patrick said, “There’s definitely healthy competition between us and we did spur each other on. We’re really pleased for each other.”

Former Wyvern student Vedanshu Mahajan, who will be taking up a place to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge next month, said, “I'm glad that the subjects I took turned out so well. I was expecting a B in Maths and got an A* so I'm really happy about that. There are no words to describe it really! I've been so lucky to have the nicest teachers that have pushed me and helped me to stay on the right path; I'm just so thankful and fortunate!”

A considerable number of students from Peter Symonds have been offered places at a number of leading conservatoires and universities across the country. Music student Freya Mackenzie is off to study Music at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. She described herself as “Really, really happy! I was on the specialist course here, the teachers are really good and involved and there were loads of chamber opportunities as well as solo performances, which made it a lot of fun.”

  • 63%

    Pass Rate (A*-B)

  • 82%

    Pass Rate (A*-C)

  • 98%

    Pass Rate (A*-E)

A Level Results Summary 2019

A summary of our A level results is shown below:

Grade A* A B C D E U A*-B A*-C A*-E
Total 676 1282 1545 1116 609 264 110 3503 4619 5492
Percentage 12 23 28 20 11 5 2 63 82 98