What is a PWA?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users. These apps meet certain requirements (listed below), are server-based, accessed via web links (URLs), and indexed by search engines such as Google.

Progressive Web Apps are:

  • Progressive
    They are built with progressive enhancement as the core principle and it works for every user regardless of the browser/device used by the user.
  • Responsive
    Fits to whatever size of screen it is, whether it is desktop, tablet, mobile device or any future gadget.
  • Work Online and Offline
    Capable of working offline and on slow internet networks.
  • They Are App-like
    Utilises the app-shell model which provides app-style navigations and interactions e.g. geolocation.
  • Safe
    Served by means of TLS to avert snooping and guarantee content hasn't been tampered.
  • Discoverable
    They can be found by searching the web using a search engine.
  • Installable
    Enable users to "keep" applications they find most valuable on their home screen without the bothering about an application store.
  • Linkable
    Effortlessly share by means of web links (URLs) and not require complex installation.