Peter Symonds College Sports Department have developed a unique system to help gifted young athletes, in all sports, reach the top level of performance.

What Is It?

The Talented Sports Performers Scheme is a talent support programme aimed at supporting gifted sporting students. It incorporates all sports and the aim is to help the talented student manage and balance sporting, personal and academic demands. The scheme covers a wide range of areas influencing the sports performer, in an attempt to maximise their performance and chance of future success, as well as developing understanding between academics and competition.

What Does It Involve?

To enable the students to reach their sporting and academic potential the TSPS programme works with a range of professionals, external bodies, parents and coaches to reduce potential conflicts and stresses on the student. Places on the scheme are strictly limited and students will be interviewed and have to demonstrate a National or high level of performance in their sport. Once selected for the scheme they will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Half-termly scheduled individual meetings with their assigned mentor
  • Instant Access to their Mentor for urgent issues.
  • The production of an Individual Action Plan (IAP) setting out the demands on the student from their academic and sporting commitments. This allows potential critical points to be identified, and short and long-term goals to be set.
  • An individualised fitness programme to be devised and monitored, if required.
  • Sports Nutrition advice.
  • Access to potential funding, such as the TASS national bursaries.
  • Advice on Sponsorship.
  • Advice on Higher Education in the UK or Sporting Scholarships to the USA.

Who Is It For?

The scheme is aimed at Peter Symonds students who perform in any sport to a National level, or equivalent. Students can apply to join the scheme at the start of the academic year.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of the scheme are outlined below:

  • Clear identification of performers needs.
  • Individual support to minimise academic, personal and sporting conflict.
  • Students given lifestyle management skills.
  • Give the students the ability to perform to a high level both academically and in their sport.
  • A chance to help raise the sporting standards within the UK.

Peter Symonds College has a proud tradition of producing top sports performers, including Gold Medal sailors, world ranked tennis players and more recently a GB swimmer and professional rugby player. This combined with the large amount of students obtaining sporting scholarships to the USA means such talent should be supported by the college. This scheme is unique and happening at an exciting time with the 2012 Olympic Games coming to London. The aim is to increase support for sporting excellence at the college and help create tomorrow’s stars.

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