BadmintonIn addition to your academic studies, you will participate in our Activities Programme. We run a wide range of activities, catering for all tastes. Some of the courses on offer are accredited, leading to a certificate, and some are just for fun! You may participate in a sporting activity or one of the many other activities on offer.

You will gain a tremendous amount from participating in activities at college. Those who interview for jobs, training schemes and places in higher education want evidence of wider achievements as well as good examination performance. They want to know about leadership skills, breadth of experience and enthusiasm. You can gain all of these attributes here at Peter Symonds. Any activities you take part in will be logged and your tutor will use details of the skills you have developed when writing your UCAS/Employment reference.

Some Activities on Offer

  • Rock Challenge

    A nationwide competition, each team creates a short dance/drama-based performance.With the group creating their own theme, props, set and so on this is a fantastic, exciting team challenge.

  • Libra Foundation

    Peter Symonds' relationship with the Libra Foundation has resulted in over £3,000 being raised by students for the charity. Each summer students visit Libra's projects and work with disabled and underprivileged Romanian children.

  • Robotics

    Students spend two terms building a robot equipped to meet a series of competitive challenges. Finished robots have on-board artificial intelligence, are equipped with a vision system and are independently powered.

  • Choir

    The college choir is open to all. Practising each week the choir performs at some of the main college concerts during the year, including the Christmas concert in the Winchester Cathedral.

  • Practical Wildlife Conservation

    Students help to manage an 18 acre woodland nature reserve to increase its value for wildlife such as dormice, willow tits & rare fauna. They learn a range of practical skills that would be valuable in a future career in conservation.

  • Harry Potter Appreciation Society

    The Harry Potter Appreciation Society has been set up by enthusiasts of the series. It provides a safe environment for students to practice their witchcraft and wizardry, and divulge themselves into the world of Harry Potter.

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