The college senior management team comprise:

  • Stephen Carville, Principal

    Stephen Carville

  • David Cartwright, Vice Principal

    David Cartwright
    Vice Principal

  • Julia Tucker, Deputy Principal (Students)

    Julia Tucker
    Deputy Principal (Students)

  • Nick Allen, Assistant Principal (Quality)

    Nick Allen
    Assistant Principal (Quality)

The following outlines the areas of responsibility of the members of the Senior Management Team:

The Principal – Stephen Carville

  • Is the Chief Executive responsible to the corporation.
  • Is responsible to the Governors for all aspects of running the College.
  • Is responsible for the direction and management of the College and its curriculum via the Strategic Plan.
  • Is responsible for boarding overall.
  • Proposes, operates and evaluates whole College policy.
  • Appoints and leads staff.
  • Is responsible for the management of budget and resources.
  • Oversees Health and Safety.
  • Builds links with the community.
  • Is responsible for quality.

The Principal manages:
Vice Principal, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal, Director of Adult Education, Director of Finance, Director of Personnel & Corporate Services and Secretarial Support for Principalship.

Vice Principal (Planning & Curriculum) – Dave Cartwright

Is responsible to the Principal for:

  • Strategic Planning.
  • College and Faculty plans.
  • Teaching staff personnel issues including staff disciplinary and absence procedures.
  • The planning and management of the curriculum including the timetable.
  • Management of internal and external examinations.
  • The deployment of staff and use of rooms.
  • Appraisal, performance management, staff induction and mentoring.
  • Budget responsibilities delegated by Principal:
    - staffing
    - equipment
    - educational supplies
    - catering
  • Risk Management.
  • Quality Improvement, in liaison with the Assistant Principal (Quality).
  • Extended Project.
  • Learning Resource Centre.
  • IT, ILT and Web Services.
  • Management of the College Catering operation.
  • Equal Opportunities (Staff).

The Vice Principal line manages:
IT Director, Head of Learning Resource Centre, College Co-ordinator for Vocational Courses, Examinations Manager, Catering Manager, Heads of Faculty for Curriculum and Quality matters, ILT Co-ordinator and Head of Extended Project.

Deputy Principal (Students) – Julia Tucker

Is responsible to the Principal for:

  • The tutorial and guidance systems including the tutorial programme, progress reviews and action planning.
  • Student Welfare and Counselling.
  • Boarding.
  • Equal Opportunities (Students).
  • The admissions cycle, including enrolment and induction.
  • External relations and publicity.
  • Links with parents.
  • Students with learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • Maintaining standards and dealing with student indiscipline.
  • Trips and Visits.
  • General Studies.
  • Careers Education and Guidance.
  • Day Duty.
  • Child Protection.

The Deputy Principal (Students) line manages:
Head of Admissions, Head of Boarding, Head of Careers, Faculty Administrators, Oxbridge Tutor, Educational Visit Co-ordinator, Equal Opportunities Co-ordinator, Head of Marketing, Head of Student Welfare, Head of Study Support, Head of General Studies, Guardians, Tutorial Co-ordinator and Heads of Faculty for pastoral matters.

Assistant Principal (Quality) - Nick Allen

Responsible to the Principal for:

  • Managing the work of the Quality Team.
  • Management of the Staff Development Officer and appropriate AHED staff to promote quality improvement.
  • Analysis of data relating to achievement, value added, retention etc.
  • Liaison with external agencies with regard to quality matters.
  • Monitoring and reporting on standards.
  • Liaising with Vice Principal (Planning & Curriculum) to ensure quality improvement.
  • Managing the Classroom Observation Scheme.
  • Maintaining and updating the College’s Quality Manual.
  • Freedom of Information requests.
  • Data controller.
  • Audit.
  • Funding.

The Assistant Principal (Quality) line manages:
Quality team and Management Information Systems Manager.

The Director of Finance – Peter Bell

Is responsible to the Principal for:

  • Financial practices in the College.
  • Advising management and the Board on financial matters.
  • Arranging insurance cover.
  • Ensuring best use of College premises and capital.
  • Overseeing building projects.
  • Ensuring legal requirements are met in respect of Estates matters.

The Director of Finance line manages:
Finance team and Estates Manager.

The Director of Personnel and Corporate Services – Vicky Owen

Is responsible to the Principal for:

  • The provision of a Personnel and Payroll service.
  • Administration of Corporate Services to include Policies.
  • Advising management and the Board on staffing matters.
  • Acting as College Health and Safety Officer.
  • Having oversight of all Support Staff in conjunction with line managers.
  • Disclosure and Barring Services Disclosure and acting as Lead Countersignatory.
  • Management of fire safety, medical and first aid staff.
  • Resources and Reception provision.
  • The Bookshop.
  • The Administration budget.

The Director of Personnel and Corporate Services line manages:
Personnel and Payroll team, Resources Manager, Bookshop Manager, Corporate Services Officer, College Nurse & First Aiders and Fire Officer.

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