1. Membership


The committee will consist of 4 members to include the Chariman of Governors. the Vice-Chariman ( the ex officio members) the Chairman of the Personnel committee and one other member of the Board. Except for ex officio members a person shall be ineligible for appointment to the committee if he or she has served four years out of the last six on the committee.


The membership may not include the Principal, student or staff governors. The Principal or his representative will attend each meeting.


There will be no co-opted members of the committee.


The Chair of the committee shall be the Chairman of Governors and in the event of the Chairman being unable to attend, the remaining members shall elect a Chair form those present.


The quoram for the committee shall be three.


In the event of a tied vote the Chairman of the committee will have the casting vote.


The Clerk to the Governors shall normally act as Clerk to the Committee, except when his/her own remuneration or conditions of service are being reviewed when a member of the committee shall be nominated to take the minutes.

2. Attendance at Meetings


The committee may invite advisors or other third parties to attend meetings of the committee as appropriate (such persons do not have a right to vote but may speak at the meeting at the invitation of the committee Chairman).


In accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Government, a Senior Postholder will be required to withdraw from discussions relating to their particular employment, remuneration, reappointment or their successor's appointment.

3. Frequency of Meetings


The committee will meet as and when necessary but at least once per year.

4. Committee Objectives


To advise on and make recommendations to the Board on the remuneration and conditions of service of Senior Postholders and the Clerk to the Governors.

5. Specific Terms and Responsibilities


To consider and recommend to the Board which posts will be designated Senior Postholder together with the job tiltes, job description and person specifications of the Senior Postholders (as designated by the Board) and the Clerk to the Governors.


To seek appropriate advice and advise the Governing Body on the contract and conditions of service for the Senior Postholders and the Clerk to the Governorsincluding relevant policiesassociated with their employment e.g. Discipline and Grievance.


To consider and make recommendations to the Board on the relevant levels of remuneration, taking appropriate advice and having reference to the results of any appraisals, and using available comparators and evaluation schemes for Senior Postholders and the Clerk to the Governors.

6. Reporting Procedures


With regard to all advise and or recommendations arising under 5.1 - 5.3 inclusive, which have a financial implication, the committee will in the first instance refer such advice and/or recommendation to the Policy and Resources committee for consideration before presentation to the Board.


Due to the confidential nature of the business ofthe committee all papers, including the minutes of the committee, shall remain confidential to the committee and the Policy and Resources committee and normally only a summary report on any recommended levels of remuneration will be made to the Board (i.e. no reference to individual pay or conditions of service) unless the Board otherwise directs.

7. Other


To consider and advise the Governing Body on any other matters that the Governing Body may delegate or in any other matters not falling within the remit of the Committees established by the Board.


To review its Terms of Reference biennially.


To review its own effectiveness.

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