1. Membership


The Committee will consist of a minimum of three governors to include the Principal. The membership may include not more that two persons who are co-opted members; such appointment will be subject to the terms of the Policy on Co-opted members. Where possible, at least one member of the committee should have current or recent professional experience in Human Resources. The Vice- Principal, Assistant Principal (Bursar) and Personnel Manager will also be in attendance.


The Chair of the committee shall be selected annually by the Board and is always to be a governor.


The quorum for the Committee shall be three: the Chair of the Committee or his/her governor representative and one other governor member and the Principal or his/her representative.


The Clerk to the Governors shall normally act as Clerk to the Committee.

2. Attendance at Meetings


The Committee may invite advisors or other third parties to attend meetings of the Committee, as appropriate. However, persons invited to attend shall not have a vote but shall be entitled to speak at the meeting at the invitation of the Committee Chair.

3. Frequency of Meetings


The Committee will carry out its business usually in two meetings per year.

4. Committee Objectives


The Committee will have an overview on all matters to do with Personnel issues of the College; to include relevant practice and policies and to make recommendations to the Board as appropriate.


The Committee will achieve its objectives by:

  • receiving timely briefings from College officers on relevant legislative changes that will impact on or affect Personnel practice and policies of the College and thereby ensuring the Board executes its duties under relevant employment legislation.
  • ensuring that appropriate personnel systems and procedures are in place and employed by the Senior Management team to recruit, train, retain and motivate staff suitable for the posts to be filled.
  • reviewing and monitoring the impact and implementation of all policies and procedures that relate to staff, including equality and diversity issues but excluding Health & Safety, which is the remit of the Policy & Resources committee
  • to monitor and report to the Board on issues of staff welfare to include staff responses to questionnaires, disciplinary and grievance issues, absence, loans to staff and to receive an annual report from the Stress Management Group
  • to monitor the staff development programme and receive regular reports on it
  • if needs be, to consider and make relevant recommendations to the Board on matters of staff re-structure.


In dealing with any matter or policy that has a financial and/or strategic implication for the College, the committee will confer with the Policy and Resources Committee before communicating with the Board.

5. Reporting Procedures


The committee will report to the Board following each meeting.

6. Other


To consider and advise the Governing Body on any other matters that the Governing Body may delegate or on any other matters not falling within the remit of the Committees established by the Board.


To review its Terms of Reference biennially.


To review its own effectiveness.

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