1. Membership


The Committee shall include the Principal and at least one member should be a staff governor. The membership may include not more that two persons who are co-opted members; such appointment will be subject to the terms of the Policy on Co-opted members. The Vice- Principal, Assistant Principal (Students) and Quality Manager will also be in attendance.


The Chair of the committee shall be selected annually by the Board and is always to be a governor.


The quorum for the Committee shall be three: the Chair of the Committee or his/her governor representative and one other governor member and the Principal or his/her representative.


The Clerk to the Governors shall normally act as Clerk to the Committee.

2. Attendance at Meetings


The Committee may invite advisors or other third parties to attend meetings of the committee as appropriate and this will include the Director of the Adult Education Division (ACE), who will attend either this committee or the Boardat least once each academic year to provide an update on ACE. However, persons invited to attend shall not have a vote but shall be entitled to speak at the meeting at the invitation of the Committee Chair.


The Chair is empowered to ask a student member of the committee to leave meetings where the committee is satisfied an agenda item should be dealt with on a confidential basis.

3. Frequency of Meetings


The Committee will normally meet at least once per term.

4. Committee Objectives


The Committee shall advise the Board on its following roles and duties described in the Articles of Government:

  • to determine the educational character and mission of the college and review, monitor and
  • recommend approval of the quality strategy of the Board for which it will typically receive the College Self-assessment report and Development Plan and the College Operational Plan annually together with mid-year reviews. It will also review the Quality Assurance Policy Statement biennially.


It will be the guardian of the College Strategic Plan, and will ensure, on behalf of the Board, that its objectives will fulfill the educational character and mission of the College.


The Committee will achieve its objectives by:

  • reviewing the preparation of the Strategic Plan prior to its approval by the Board
  • monitoring the implementation of the Strategic Plan and its effectiveness in achieving the College Mission, which will be achieved by:
    • monitoring progress on achievement of the objectives set out in the operational plan and development plan
    • setting and monitoring key indicators and targets
    • receiving annually a Performance Analysis which monitors learners’ progress against internal and external targets
    • monitoring in particular any weak areas of provision and requiring reports and action on these areas
    • reviewing and monitoring all policies & procedures that relate to students, including equality and diversity issues and child protection but excluding health and safety-to monitor and report to the board on issues of student welfare to include student opinion, complaints, disciplinary issues and student support funds
    • verifying and recommending to the Board the College’s self-assessment report (to include the Governors Self- Assessment),and to monitor the self- assessment process
    • to consider and advise the Governing Body on the educational needs of the Community the College serves, and to ensure the curriculum development and other activities of the College reflect these needs taking account of the national agenda


In dealing with matters of policy that have a financial implication, the committee will confer with the Policy and Resources Committee before communicating with the Board.

5. Reporting Procedures


The committee will report to the Board following each meeting.

6. Other


To consider and advise the Governing Body on any other matters that the Governing Body may delegate or on any other matters not falling within the remit of the Committees established by the Board


To review its Terms of Reference biennially


To review its own effectiveness.

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