1. Membership


The Committee shall be appointed by the Board and consist of:

  • The Chairman of Governors ex officio
  • The Principal ex officio
  • The Chairman of the Committee, who is always to be a governor, shall be nominated by the committee and approved by the Board annually.
  • At least two other members of the Board (excluding the Student Governors)


Except for ex officio members a person shall be ineligible for appointment to the committee if he or she has served more than four years out of the last six on the committee.


In addition to the Board members of the Committee, the Board may co-opt up to two committee members from outside the College, such appointment will be subject to the terms of the Policy on co-opted members


The Committee may invite other persons to attend meetings in order to provide advice and evidence to assist the process of search, or to verify that the selection process is independent and free from any form of patronage.


Applicants/nominees for Board membership may be invited to attend Committee meetings with the agreement of the Chairman and the Committee.


The Chairman is empowered to ask non-members to leave meetings, particularly for agreed items which the Committee are satisfied should be dealt with on a confidential basis.


The Clerk to the Governors shall act as the Clerk to the Committee.

2. Frequency of Meetings


The Committee will meet when required, usually three meetings each year.

3. Duties


To advise the Governing Body on the appointment and reappointment of members of the Board (other than a parent, staff or student member or the Principal: the latter being eligible to serve on the Board as a result of the post), having regard at all times to the provisions of the Instrument and Articles of government, the Standing Orders and other relevant policies of the Board.


To consider and advise the Governing Body on the composition and balance of the Board and its committees having undertaken a skills audit.


To determine the procedures for appointing to the Governing Body.


When considering the recommendation of any appointment or reappointment to the Governing Body the Committee shall have regard to the aims and values of the Corporation with respect to membership of the Governing Body, that is, Members of the Corporation are appointed on merit, after an open selection process which complies with the requirements as set out in the Instrument and Articles of Government for the appointment of members.The appointment process is conducted with attention to Equal Opportunities with consideration being given to the balance of membership in terms of gender, age, disability, race and ethnic origin.The selection of members is consistent with the principles laid down by the Committee on Standards in Public Life for those holding public office.Membership of the Corporation is drawn widely from the community served by the College.


To appraise and evaluate the contribution of members of the Board seeking re-appointment.


To determine, with the Clerk, the arrangements for the induction and governance development of the Governors.


To establish and monitor the training needs of Governors.


To determine with the Clerk and Senior Management the training arrangements for Governors.


To monitor and set targets for the Governors attendance at Board and committee meetings.


Together with the Clerk, the Committee shall review and advise the Board on all matters relating to the effectiveness of College governance and accountability and report on good practice.


To undertake a regular skills audit in order to test the range of skills and experience on the Board of Governors.


To seek Board approval of potential nominating groups as and when appropriate and to approach the approved groups.


The Committee will, when appropriate, place an open advert in the regional or local press and the college website for candidates interested in becoming a governor.

4. Quorum


The quorum shall be three members: the Chair of the Committee or his/her governor representative and one other governor member and the Principal or his/her representative.

5. Authority


The Committee is authorised to obtain external professional advice and, if necessary, secure the attendance of external advisers with relevant experience and expertise provided that the committee may not incur direct expenditure in this respect in excess of £1000 without the prior approval of the Board.


The Chairman of the Committee is responsible for providing effective feedback to the Governing Body.

6. Reporting Procedures


The Chairman of the Committee or his/her representative will report to the Board following each meeting.

7. Other


The Committee will review its Terms of Reference annually.In accordance with the Instrument and Articles the committee will put its Terms of Reference and non confidential minutes, once agreed, on the College website.


To review its own effectiveness

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