A Level



All universities accept A level Law as an entry qualification for their Law courses, including the most highly selective universities.

Course Content

Year 1:

  • You will be introduced to criminal liability through the study of non-fatal offences against the person and you will be introduced to civil liability through learning about the law of tort and liability in negligence
  • You will study the legal system including the civil and criminal courts, the legal professions and access to justice and you will develop your knowledge of the processes and people involved in the law and the changing nature of the legal system
  • You will study law making and develop an understanding of legal method and reasoning as used by lawyers and judges

Year 2:

  • You will study the law of contract from the formation of contracts to their enforcement and advance your knowledge and understanding of both the criminal law and the law of tort
  • You will explore the nature of law in a wider context  and develop your understanding of how the law interacts with morality, justice, society and technology
  • You will develop the ability to communicate persuasive legal arguments with reference to cases and statutes
  • You will develop the skills to apply your legal knowledge to scenario-based situations and gain a critical awareness of the present state of the law in England, and an awareness of law in a European and global context

Where Could It Take Me?

Law at A level combines well with many different subjects.

It is a good preparation for higher education and for a wide variety of careers, both within and outside the practice of law.

It provides a head-start in four of the components of any qualifying law degree; Legal System, Criminal law, Tort and Contract.

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including Mathematics, grade 5 in English, and grade 5 in another essay based subject such as History or English Literature.

Methods of Teaching

  • Activities include lectures, discussions, group work, research and essay writing
  • You will be given study booklets, which reduce the burden of note taking, but be aware that there is a lot of reading
  • You will practice exam questions regularly in order to build your confidence and exam technique
  • You will need to be organised and thorough in your command of detail, have a mature approach to independent learning and be willing to contribute to class discussion
  • You will have the opportunity to visit the courts, take part in mock trials and listen to guest speakers including magistrates, university lecturers and ex-students who are now practising lawyers

Methods & Patterns of Assessment

All units are assessed by external examination in May/June of the second year. There is no coursework.


Paper 1: The Legal System & Criminal Law

33.3% of A level - 2 hours

Paper 2: Law Making & The Law of Tort

33.3% of A level - 2 hours

Paper 3: Nature of Law & The Law of Contract

33.3% of A level - 2 hours

Financial Implications

Payment of £25 is required to cover the cost of study booklets specifically designed for the course.

Single or group copies of books that you need to consult will be available in the classroom and the Learning Resources Centre.

The College has a Student Support Fund for those students who have difficulty meeting these costs.