Black Lives Matter

At Peter Symonds College we have been horrified by recent events which have brought into sharp relief the inequalities of our society, where black people and people of colour continue to face prejudice, discrimination and inequality.

To all our students and staff at Peter Symonds and to those in the wider community we want to reiterate that at the College we are committed to equality of opportunity and the celebration of diversity, and strongly believe racism has no part in our society or our College. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement.

We know that many of you will be feeling hopeless, angry and confused at the moment, and Azra and Emily in The Hub are here to support you in the first instance; please reach out to them.

Education is a powerful weapon in the fight against racism and we are committed to ensuring all our students develop the knowledge and the strength to challenge prejudice and go on to build the just and equitable world we all want to create. Our staff and students are putting together a range of materials and resources for students and staff to raise awareness in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement and the struggle for equality.

We have always worked hard to ensure the College challenges racism and intolerance but it is important we listen and continually improve. We would welcome and actively encourage ideas and comments from any of our staff and students as to how we can do this. Please send you comments and suggestions to Sue Barrett, Equal Opportunities Officer, or speak to your tutor or any other member of staff.

The responsibility to action real change is one that falls on all of us and we must work together to ensure Peter Symonds and our wider communities are equal and safe places for all.