Languages student studyingThe vast majority of Peter Symonds College students progress to higher education, often at the most prestigious universities. The proportion of our students heading to university is significantly higher than is seen nationally and, indeed, locally. For example, in 2011, 88% were accepted at University from Peter Symonds. This is above the acceptance rate in independent schools of 75.5% and sixth form colleges of 68.1% (Degrees of Success: The Sutton Trust, July 2011).


A very large number of our students each year, usually around fifty, secure places at the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Peter Symonds College has gained a national reputation for supporting students in their applications to these most selective of the Universities.

Highly selective universities, including the Russell Group

The Sutton Trust has published a report analysing acceptance rates at the 30 most selective universities in the country. These universities are: Bath; Birmingham; Bristol; Cambridge; Cardiff; Durham; Edinburgh; Exeter; Glasgow; Imperial College; King's College; Lancaster; Leeds; Leicester; Liverpool; LSE; Manchester; Newcastle; Nottingham; Oxford; Reading; Royal Holloway; Sheffield; Southampton; St Andrews; Strathclyde; Surrey; UCL; Warwick, and York.

The acceptance rate at the Russell Group and other highly selective universities for Peter Symonds College students is significantly higher than from any other sixth form college in Hampshire. It is more than twice that of the national acceptance rate from sixth form colleges. In 2011, 41% of our students gained places at these highly selective universities. Nationally, only 18.5% of sixth form college students achieve this.

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