Our Achievements

Every area of the college was graded as Outstanding in our most recent Inspection in March 2008. At the end of their visit the inspectors commented that they had never participated in an Inspection with such outstanding findings.

  • Excellent Exam Results
    Once again the college's exam results exceeded national averages with pass rates of approximately 99% at A Level in 2018
  • Exceptional Support
    A comprehensive network of support lies behind much of the success of our students. This takes many forms, depending on individual need. For example, regular lunch time workshops are offered in virtually every subject, as are individual meetings with a member of the study support team. Unusually for a sixth form college, we have a large on-site careers service with qualified advisors who provide help with students’ choices about their future. In addition, our friendly Student Services department aims to help students cope with the pressures they feel or any problems they may have.
  • Counting in Ones
    We have a personal tutor system which values and encourages every student. We give each of them a minimum expected grade to aim for and exceed. Symonds is in the top 10% of colleges nationally in terms of adding value; most of our students achieve far better at A Level than would be expected from their entry grades at GCSE.