Peter Symonds Uganda Expedition students have been busy raising money to support the grass roots charity Project Embabazi, helping villagers in South West Uganda support their own communities through a range of building, education and sponsorship schemes.Lauren Lewis, Head of Geography, introduced the expeditions and founded the charity with former PSC students in 2011.

Uganda Exped Charlotte Fairman, Sally Hogdkinson, Samantha Edwards, Amber Cecil

As well as achieving consistently high grades academically, the Peter Symonds is keen to encourage students to develop themselves individually and culturally too. The Uganda Expedition has been set up as one of Peter Symonds’ many enrichment activities with increasing popularity,

Students have so far raised a brilliant £2828.53 through fund-raising activities such as holding a cake sale and hosting a quiz night. Most recently students have started implementing an animal and lavatory sponsorship scheme via college tutor groups and have many more fundraising events to come this year before they fly off to get stuck-in this July.

Project Embabazi’s animal sponsorship scheme involves donating an animal to an impoverished family, which will provide an ongoing income for the family as well as improving their diet. Their first off-spring is then donated to another family in need and the scheme grows and flourishes as the animals reproduce.

Lauren Lewis says: “The students have initiated many community development projects over the years and this is certainly the most popular, successful and sustainable project. It started in Kanjobe village, where it is now self-sustaining, and gradually we are including new village communities.”

Dick Yamukamba, the Community Co-ordinator in Kanjobe, recently wrote to Lauren: “On behalf of the domestic animal beneficiaries, I wish to thank you for the domestic animals we have been distributing to people in the localities through your funds. Several people have benefited from the project and our livelihood and general standards of living have improved tremendously”. Further details about this and their other schemes can be found on their website

Students are able to sign up for the expedition at the start of the academic year and then set about fundraising for the projects of which they subsequently go and support for a few weeks in the summer. They also manage to spare some time to include a few adventure activities including wildlife safaris, chimp tracking and dug-out canoeing.

Posted on 19/04/17 at 09:29

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